Saturday, August 28, 2010


Day before yesterday it was a lovely, sunny, quiet morning and I grabbed the dog and my camera and headed out to our favorite walking path. Stopping along the side of a sturdy corn field, I pulled out my camera, focused, and... nothing. C'mon clicker - click! Is it on? Yes. Is it focused? Yes. Is it... missing the memory card?? YES.

The next day it rained.

Tough lesson, but learned. Put the dang memory card back in the camera right away.

Heidi and I love the same kind of weather: cool, breezy and dry. Sunshine is nice, but only if we can enjoy it curled up in a shady spot. For running, playing, hiking up hills and staying outside for hours, we prefer the type of weather that makes us appreciate fur coats or wind breakers. Today was such a day. The light made for less than spectacular landscape shots and the wind made it impossible to focus on close-up shots, so it was nearly a bust for photography purposes. For walking though, it was just right.

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