Thursday, September 30, 2010


This is actually cheating, since it's the same picture on that other blog, but hey, it's a picture. We're getting very close to the departure date, and squeezing in a lot of family time, so my photography focus is somewhat... blurry. I do have a whole list in progress of ideas for my 365, tho, so hopefully I'll have better luck when I start this for real.

Monday, September 20, 2010


The apples are ripe every-where in Bavaria right now. Every time I pass a tree I want to stop and collect them all! Fortunately, we have access to some plentiful trees on post, and this past weekend, we stopped to collect some. They are small and powerfully tart, crisp and bright. I made an apple pie right away, and have tagged a large portion for a batch of apple butter. I'd like to make some more pies, too!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Daily pear

Since I clearly need to practice daily adherence to this project, I'm going to try to keep going, even tho R is currently home and I'm not trying to seriously document anything right now.

This morning's walk with Heidi was relaxing. We took a road that has very little traffic on the weekends and I let her little doggie nose pretty much take the lead. I love to watch for the little details of change at the end of summer. Tiny, tell-tale clues that the fullness of summer is drawing to a close.

These pears are a great example. They grow alongside the road in several places near my neighborhood, and they never really get much bigger than this, making it hard to tell when they're ripe. I might try to pick some this year, tho, and see if their tiny package is disguising big flavor.