Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A bone to pick

This is not my picture...

...for so many reasons, but the first and most obvious is that it's currently promoting the (pictured) camera bag on this site whose target demographic is women photographers.

I am a woman photographer (genus Amateur, species Hobbyist) who spends or considers spending large sums of money on the equipment involved in such an endeavor. Therefore, I feel reasonably confident that I am included in the aforementioned target demographic.

Which is why I can't understand why any company/website would think that a photographer savvy enough to need a bag to carry extra equipment would ever use something so COMPLETELY IMPRACTICAL to the function of making pictures! Let me tell you from experience, trying to frame a shot with two handfuls of camera is difficult enough without a 10 lb sack of rocks hanging from your elbow, throwing off your center of balance by at least 30 degrees and just generally wreaking havoc with what should be carefully contrived angles.

I'm completely insulted that the advertisers would think that just because I'm a woman I'd fall prey to their blatant sexist marketing of this brass-bedecked, handcrafted leather... leatherrrrr... llllleathhhh.... gahhhh... look at the shiny....

Damn you, clever capitalists!!!!!

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